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Vladimir Luxury, Unrecognizable: What Happened? True

Vladimir Luxuria showed himself in a completely different guise and appeared unrecognizable. Let’s find out what happened to her.

Vladimir Luxury against Paco

Apparently Vladimir Luxuria He appeared unidentified and in a blanket that none of his fans expected to see. Luxuria For some time now he is the most admired personality in the world of television, he knows how to attract the public who are always timely and accurate with his ways and interventions, who have a very positive opinion about him.

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Vladimir Luxuria, so she never saw herself

Vladimir Luxuria
Vladimir Luxury

In the last few hours, celebrity TV personality Vladimir Luxuria has fully revealed himself on his official Instagram account Not published. Vladimir He has always been known as a positive, honest, honest and good character. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use to create social networking sites. Luxuria wanted to dedicate a little thought to his followers and published a post in which he showed a photo with a disguise that makes him unrecognizable, i.e. a photo of Pepana.

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In fact, we celebrate this very special day today, especially in terms of their behavior during the year, more or less politely expected by little ones to receive charcoal or sweets as a gift. So Luxuria is one of us In disguise For this occasion, I wish that all children would soon be able to hold everyone’s hands again and play without fear. However, one thought is addressed to adults as well, which is to never forget the childish and Peter Bonn side that each of us has. Numerous comments from the fans who really appreciated this gesture, sending a very consensual message.

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