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Users really froze in surprise!

Users really froze in surprise!

New final goodbye to WhatsApp. An innovation has taken all users by surprise, so let’s see what changes within the app.

What’s going on inside the news app (via screenshot)

A small message comes to all users Share. In fact, the messaging application is ready to tell Goodbye Shortcut to Messenger Rooms, Introduced by developers some time ago. Unexpected decision by instant news site, this tool was used by millions of users. However, the shortcut will be permanently removed with the new update.

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In fact the tool will be removed with two new updates Android That iOS. The app has now introduced a new beta application update. We can no longer see the Facebook-enabled shortcut dedicated to Messenger inside Video calls. Innovation should be introduced from the version WhatsApp beta from iOS and WhatsApp beta for Android. So let’s see what changes within the application.

WhatsApp comes with multi-device functionality: you can chat without a phone

The app has a new function (via screenshot)

In recent days Share It has finally released a feature that allows you to receive messages not only from your smartphone but also from other devices. For example, the application can be used in both Skills Than PC, The big news is that you can get messages on the computer even if the smartphone is turned off. In fact, today you can be in the web version of the app whether you turn off the phone or not The data is not connected to the network.

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To ensure that you can take advantage of the new feature, you will need to upgrade your processor to version Also, the new tool was only previously available iOS, And now that too has come down Android. Users can quickly connect up to four devices simultaneously. After many years, the Facebook team app is ready to add an already popular tool to the competition Telegraph.

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