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USB-C: New logos to try to go better

USB-C: New logos to try to go better

As for dense and impenetrable forests, we know the charges of telephone operators and the invincible labeling of Intel architecture. But in terms of, USB-C is not bad. The Type-C connection hides very different functions, which you should keep in mind before going into the cash register, otherwise you will face big disappointment.

How to find the right USB-C cable

The USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF), the organization that administers the USB standard – and is often responsible for the confusion surrounding the connection. USB 3.2 mess -, wants to make amends with New icons Aims to provide better information to consumers.

These logos for USB-C cables show their power (60W, 240WPower Delivery 3.1 Defined by Specifications. Logos must be on the packaging and cable. Main adapters are entitled to a display that certifies the power provided.

At the same time, the USB4 logos have been modified to integrate quality through the USB Certification Program. Logos can combine power and flow skills.


What is Thunderbolt / USB 4 on Mac M1s?

Now all the cable manufacturers have to do is accept these new logos and put them on their products, this may take some time.

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