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Unleashed Hot Wheels unveils its new environment: Skyscraper!

Unleashed Hot Wheels unveils its new environment: Skyscraper!

In the case of vertigo, looking below is not good.

Mattel And Milestone Released a new game trailer today The hot wheels were unleashed, Dedicated to a new environment called “Skyscraper”, which means skyscraper in French.

After revealing to the public the first set located in the dark underground garage, now is the time to release a new environment in which height will become its own character. In a building under construction, Skyscraper Made up of rounds built into three different platforms, areas that cause inconvenience to players affected by vertigo.

In addition, six new vehicles from the sixties available at the start of the game are presented in this video:

  • Pump around
  • Mountain Moul. R.
  • Sandivor
  • Boom car
  • Steel buns
  • Fast Cousin
  • Motosaurus.

The hot wheels were unleashed Just like playing with small cars of the famous toy brand, it gives players the opportunity to drive. The gameplay of the game includes adrenaline fuel racing and a wide range of cars Hot wheels, Each with its own unique rarity and characteristics that players can customize with different skins. In addition, they will find breathtaking circuits made of special track plots and interactive objects, located in places of everyday life. The game also features a revolutionary track editing feature that allows players to customize courses and share them with the community in any environment.

The hot wheels were unleashed Coming out September 30, 2021 PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, on the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. Pre-order the game now!

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Hot Wheels Unleashed Day – One Day Edition :

This version The first day Available on all platforms except PC. She understands:

  • The whole game The hot wheels were unleashed
  • Hot Wheels Sports – Sportscars Pack DLC It Gives Access to 2 Extra Sport Vehicles: Track MangaD.M. And GT-ScorcherD.M..