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Uninstall Adacity soon - this is a potential spyware

Uninstall Adacity soon – this is a potential spyware

Popular open source program for audio editing, Adacity, Purchased by Muse team Two months ago. The same company has in its portfolio Ultimate Guitar (the most popular site for offering bangles and tabs for thousands of songs for guitar and eucalyptus) and other projects. Muscore, An open source music encoding software. Since the acquisition of Muse Group, Audacity has been a hot topic. Because here.

As announced Phosphost, The parent company of the Muse Group was a multinational company and attempted to launch a mechanism Data collection in software. Although Adacity is nothing more than a desktop program, its developers prefer to use it to collect some data taken from users’ devices.

The Privacy Policy Page Includes update to Adacity (uploaded 3 days ago) Data collection algorithms. For example, it says it can Hand over any user data to the authorities Control of the state in which it is located. It is part of Russia, the United States and the EEA (European Economic Area).

“All your personal data is stored on our servers in the European Economic Area (EEA). However, we occasionally share your personal data with our head office in Russia and our external consultant in the United States. “

In addition, they claim they can share data with anyone they classify as “third parties”, “advisors” or “potential buyers”:

Also, there is a cursor attempt on the same page Prevent children under 13 from using the app. This is a violation of the GPL (licensed by Adacity) because it restricts any restrictions on the use of GPL software. “The application we offer does not apply to anyone under the age of 13. If you are under 13, do not use the app. “

Of concern, however, is that users’ actual IP addresses remain on Adacity’s servers for up to 1 day before they are hashed. So the user can be identified if one of the mentioned governments sends a request to have that data. Impossible things in an offline audio editor. If you want to prevent Adacity from collecting your data, uninstall it.

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Of course, users GitHub e Reddit They did not respond correctly to this message demanding that Adacity be revoked: it is not normal for an offline software to collect certain data.