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Ubisoft's + integration with Cam Boss is even closer: Jess Gordon intervenes

Ubisoft’s + integration with Cam Boss is even closer: Jess Gordon intervenes

As we told you recently, pressing rumors suggestedInstant Partnership Ubisoft + e Xbox Game Pass. Do the two gaming services really find a meeting point? According to, it appears so Confirmations by Jess Gordon Windows Central, for the most part, has proven to be what Microsoft believes.

Gordon contacted some sources, saying that the agreement between Ubisoft and Microsoft was actually in the pipeline: “I’ve read the rumors about the introduction of the Apple + Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Based on what I’ve heard, I think it’s a good chance to work.”, We read on Twitter announced at the bottom of the message.

Gordon himself insisted on it Only part of the Ubisoft + list will become part of the Xbox Game Pass. To be precise, Older topics will be selected Developed by a French company and included for those already in the Microsoft service. The most reliable hypothesis is that you can subscribe to GamePass Ultimate, among other things, by paying less than you only need for Apple + Soon E.A. Contains Play Games.

In short, we have to wait for the next impressions of the story. Meanwhile, Bill Spencer is the future of the Xbox and The Covering the role of Bethesda Within the next institutional strategies of the Redmond House.

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