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Ubisoft: The main supporter of the friendly fire

Ubisoft: The main supporter of the friendly fire

Ubisoft is again the main sponsor of the live broadcast event, which was established on December 4, 2021.

During the official Friendly Fire 7 announcement, Ubisoft announced today that it will be the main sponsor of the re-established live broadcast event. Friendly Fire goes on its seventh edition on December 4th at 3pm with the well-known high-quality content creator lineup. Cronk, Pandoria, Piatsmead, Mr. Morecom, Fishk 0b, Fungroyal and Der Hyder are inviting you to someone with Upsoft and Far Cry6.

“Friendly Fire has established itself as a constant and will enter its seventh round in 2021. 14 years ago in 2004, Far Cry, a first class first class sniper from Germany, was able to establish himself. The rest, as history and Far Cry 6 say. , The most ambitious creation in the series to date will be released on October 7. Development is supported by our studio Ubisoft Berlin, ”says Raleigh Wiring, Managing Director, Ubisoft GSA. We are again the main official supporter of the mobilization campaign. ”

“In 2020 we were able to raise the largest donation in Friendly Fire 6 in the history of our charity stream – thanks to our main sponsor Ubisoft. This year, Ubisoft will also be a major supporter of the seventh edition of Friendly Fire. We are so grateful and happy to be there. To celebrate the release of For Cry 6 this year, we dressed for the calendar as if we were supporting a revolution on a tropical island.A real highlight!

Official Friendly Fire 7 Teaser:

Here is the official poster:

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