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Ubisoft is releasing its next Triple-Ave

Ubisoft is releasing its next Triple-Ave

Each year, the end of fiscal year 2020 is an opportunity for Ubisoft to release a list of its next best video games. Something to turn gamers into saliva!

A busy schedule

If 2019 had been particularly painful for Ubisoft due to the postponement of so many video games, French publisher and developer have raised the bar to the best of their ability as a testament to its recent annual review. Ubisoft registration until March 31, 2021 In particular, the revenue of 2.2 billion euros, With a net profit of மில்லியன் 105 million and Operating profit 289 million euros. This is an achievement for a French company!

I have to say that 2020 will be especially beneficial for Ubisoft, too Despite allegations of harassment And surrounding controversies His contact. The company is using new gen consolesKiller Hope One of the biggest hits of recent months. End of December, Creed Valhalla of the Assassin Already exceeded 1.7 million sales worldwide. The most successful should not be forgotten Indestructible Phoenix Rising, Which is one of the good surprises of 2020 for the publisher.

That’s the least we can sayUbisoft’s 2021-2022 best financial year is set, As the publisher has confirmed the release of several games in the new fiscal year. Among them, Eagerly awaited For Cry6 And Rainbow Six Isolation, Because both were postponed, Among other things, the Covid-19 crisis.

Riding the style of a remake of the video game classics (Final Fantasy VII, Awareness of connection, Citizen Evil), That Prince of Persia: term sand Undoubtedly this new video game will be one of the highlights of the year (The game is scheduled for release in March 2021, before being postponed).

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Further The eyes of the players will undoubtedly be on the financial year 2022-2023. Although Ubisoft has not given any exact date, the publisher said in its report that many of the most anticipated games are in development, especially A game Avatar, Which would be an extension to the world of James Cameron’s films and a game Star Wars, Born out of a collaboration between Ubisoft and Lucasfilm. We have not forgotten the game of theft Skull and bones, As well as the second mission Beyond Good & Evil, The forerunner of the first cult game, was released in 2007.