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Ubisoft Connect (Apple): This is how you move games to a new directory

How can I improve the performance of my computer?

You can easily move your games to another drive or directory with Ubisoft Connect (Apple). This is what you move with your games.

Computer games are known to consume space and can quickly fill your hard drive. If you want to move your games to Ubisoft Connect (Apple) after installing another hard drive, you can do this without further downloading.

Game launcher Ubisoft Connect, formerly known as Apple, offers related functionality such as its competitors Steam and Origin. However, you can search for the corresponding button for a long time.

Moving games on Uplay requires a manual process, which requires only a few mouse clicks.

The following steps will show you how to move your games to another directory in Ubisoft link. This also makes it possible to transfer your Apple Games to another computer.

If you still do not have enough storage after moving your game library to the drive, you may need to clean the hard drive. You can free up to 20 gigabytes by deleting the “Windows.old” folder.

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