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Twitter users show their own view of Chinno remakes [Update] Nintendo Connect

Twitter user shows his vision of recreating Snow [Update] Nintendo Connect

As promised, here is the anime-shaded version Pokemon radioactive diamond And this Pokemon glowing pearl. Embed a tweet He wrote on Twitter “After watching the new official releases of Pokemon Diamond and Berlin, I spent the week making the trailer the way I wanted it.” Make sure this is not executable content.

Pokemon radioactive diamond And this Pokemon glowing pearl They will appear at the end of the year of Nintendo Switch. Both new Chinno releases have a CB look that doesn’t impress everyone at first glance, explains Millennium Loops on Twitter. You can see some pictures in the following tweet, there will be an appropriate trailer tomorrow:

In 2006, the coach was in a release Pokemon Diamond And this Pokemon pearl Nintendo DS has the opportunity to visit the Sinno region for the first time. Players can enter Pokemon radioactive diamond And this Pokemon glowing pearlA reliable remake of two popular Pokemon games in the Snow region.

Comments are divided on Twitter. Some like this approach, while others may find it nice that the ILCA is bringing us to the screen Nintendo Switch It will provoke. How do you see it, should we update this message as soon as the promised trailer comes live? Write us your feedback in the comments!

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