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Twitter: Download videos - here's how

Twitter: Download videos – here’s how

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Downloading videos from Twitter is easy if you have the right tools. But don’t worry, it won’t be complicated. You can download the video you want on your PC or smartphone in seconds.

How To Download Twitter Videos

There are tons of websites that make it easy to download Twitter videos. We selected the page for illustrative purposes TWDown Decide and explain how this works.


Follow us Step-by-step instructions, The Quick start guide Or it Explanatory video.



Follow us Step-by-step instructions Or look Quick start guide A.

Quick Start Guide: Desktop

  1. Open the Twitter video you want in the browser and create one Right click Select it “Copy the video address“Absolutely.
  2. Open the following link in a new tab: Paste the video address there “Download Tamil“.
  3. Now select the one you like Video quality Then click “Download Tamil“.

Quick Wizard: App

  1. In the Twitter app, select the video you want and tap it on the bottom right Share logo. Then select “Copy the link to the tweet“.
  2. Now open your browser and go to the following website: Paste the link you just copied and then tap “Download Tamil“.
  3. Now select the one you like Video quality Then tap “Download Tamil“.

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