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Twitter breaks, big news coming soon: limit for users

A new rule has been imposed on Twitter spaces, which are no longer accessible to everyone. What changes here

Twitter launches breaks, but with some key limitations for users (Photo: Getty)

After many discussions and rumors, we are finally here: Twitter breaks Available to everyone. Very reminiscent service Clubhouse Allows users to access and discuss voice rooms for free – or alternatively listen to people on a particular topic.

Clubhouse fashion is spreading like wildfire, and soon other sites like it Facebook They need to officially launch their services. Meanwhile, an unfortunate news has come into effect today for everyone who wants to preview Twitter breaks: It is no longer accessible to many users. Here are all the updated parameters that the company has decided to impose.

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Twitter breaks, you need 600 followers to use the service

To access the service you must have at least 600 followers on your profile (Photo: Getty)

After a long wait, Twitter breaks Available to (almost) all users. The social platform has actually decided to impose some strict rules Formation of vocal cords, Which really cuts an important population. Other than having an iOS or Android device, you should at least have one 600 followers.

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The decision was officially made some time ago, so most people turned a blind eye. Among other innovations, this is possible Set the reminder To remind everyone when to start live. Inserted the layout of Donations and tickets Paid on given call. Numerous messages that are updated or removed based on feedback from users In the coming weeks.

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