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Twitch: This hot tub streamer is famous for an unusual technique

Twitch: This hot tub streamer is famous for an unusual technique

When we talk about Twitch and the Pools, Hot Tubs and Peaches genre, we often think of Amurant, one of the most popular streamers in this segment. But this type of content delivery is not the only one, there are plenty of channels that provide it. It’s hard to find a spot in the sun and attract an audience – but our streamer of the day has developed a special technique to attract a crowd.

Art and way of engaging the audience

We’re talking about Taylor Jevaux here. With over 1.6 million followers, he is one of the top 20 most followed streamers on Twitch. However, she stands out in a very special way: she never appeared on screen in her lifetime.. Its average lifetime is 4 hours, but it usually does not appear for more than 90% of this time.

She stands off to the side, camera off, and talks to an audience that has been staring at an inflatable hot tub for hours.. Across the streams, she constantly repeats herself “Going to enter the scene”, and regular countdowns – which often reach zero – and then nothing happens. Even worse, sometimes the countdown starts again. As she stands by, messages on the screen tell the audience that she is “Soon in front of the camera”.

Of course, many viewers complain and call outright boring or cheating, but the number of viewers continues to grow. Of course, The streamer sneaks in front of the camera and does some squats in the jacuzzi for about 5 minutes… before disappearing from the field again.

However, strangely, Taylor has a large audience before he even shows up, and his audience dwindles as he begins to perform his activity for the day.. We can assume that the audience may be interested in the screen time rather than the content it provides.

Of course, her method isn’t for everyone, and the chat can be a bit harsh, but the streamer doesn’t really care. As long as it works, we don’t see why she misses it.


When we talk about records on Twitch, we mainly think of viewership or crazy speed runs during which records fall one after the other. But we French people love to innovate and streamer Terracid managed to achieve the (impossible) feat thanks to its community.