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Twitch has a list of unstoppable streamers, as data theft reveals -

Twitch has a list of unstoppable streamers, as data theft reveals –

Involved in data theft Torque In recent days it has been revealed that the stage is a draw Streamer list Gives Do not banBe blind even when violations occur. Of course, there is no shortage of controversy over the finding that there are streamers where the rules are used most loosely, and it is not surprising that many know it because it was already clear.

In fact, the streamers on the list were not released, but quite simply not immediately banned Violations. The list includes the best streamer names like DJWheat, Ricegu and Tyler1 and the reasons why they should be protected.

Interesting, but not much, one of the names on the list CEO Twitch Emmet Shearer, because he is the boss, “should not be banned for any reason”.

Of course, in the event of blatant violations, Twitch will not even be able to hide its head in the sand and will be forced to ban its main sources of income as has happened recently. Rule, Twitch is guilty of denouncing the favorable treatments assigned to certain streamers. It is useful to quote Marquis del Grillo’s historical joke by Alberto Sordi: “Twitch, why don’t you ban them?” “Because they are themselves, you are not a ***.”

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