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Twisted Metal: David Jaffer angry with PlayStation executives: "You fools" -

Twisted Metal: David Jaffer angry with PlayStation executives: “You fools” –

David Jaff Is angry PlayStation For rumors who like the series Twisted metal Lucid Games, the developer of Destruction All-Stars, was commissioned in an effort to revive it. Jeff wanted to contact Sony as the real father of the series and at least out of respect, so he turned to threats and called the executives fools.

This news was first announced by the VGC site Many sources This will ensure growth. In the past, rumors had already surfaced, but Jaf dismissed them as false. However, their reunion must have convinced him enough to make him dedicate a serious video to the title on YouTube.

Jaff reiterated that he had not heard anything about a new twisted metal and that Sony should contact him: “Let’s be clear: Sony owes me nothing because we closed the relationship at the end of 2018. But if these rumors are true, the non-contact is true.

Jaff speculated that the message might be incorrect, or that he did not receive any phone calls because he did not have a good relationship with the PlayStation management.

Jaff believes that Sony is not happy with the content of some of his videos, but he is not sorry for anything because he is always honest in expressing his regrets: “I know things. I know where they buried the bodies. I know who provoked them before they buried the corpses they were burying … you should have called me.

Jaff says he can Damage PlayStation shares the information at its disposal, but that’s not the case. “Ass“.

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So the tone became louder Threatening: “Twisted metal is a part of my heart. I have created two rights for you. I do not say anything in my streams that is not honest and accurate. There are things I don’t say … I can screw you up.

And then talked about us Meeting records Compromises Sony and reiterates that it will not share them: “If you think your meetings are not recorded and cannot be shared around the world, I would not say you are fools on Sony. But I will never share them.

Jeff said anyone who heals the Twisted Metal TV series has more relationships than PlayStation executives. For him it’s a form that is 99% respectable, but since he created the series it has to be like this: “I don’t get it from people who handle video games.”