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Turtle Beach Recon Controller for Xbox is now available for pre-order

Turtle Beach Recon Controller for Xbox is now available for pre-order

Audio innovation with game control

The brand new Dirt Beach Recon controller was developed for the Xbox and is the first controller to combine the brand’s characteristic audio innovations with game switching controls. Xbox Series X | On the S and Xbox One, gamers can connect any wired headset with a standard 3.5mm audio interface and take advantage of the proven features of Turtle Beach:

  • Inhumane listening,
  • Mic tracking,
  • Four signature turtle beach audio presets and many more.


In addition, in Pro-Aim mode, players can adjust the sensitivity of both sticks for longer distances for improved accuracy, while saving up to four profiles on each rear quick-action button. Two dual rumble motors in the handles and triggers allow players to observe the scenes and sounds of the vehicle motors with the help of the next-generation vibration feedback. The ergonomic shape of the Recon controller and the cooling, rubberized handles should ensure pleasant comfort even during long gaming sessions. The Recon Controller is suitable for any wired gaming headset, such as the brand new Recon 500 and the Recon 70 series from the Turtle Beach.

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