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Give hazardous waste in the woods, the businessman condemned - Chronicle

Give hazardous waste in the woods, the businessman condemned – Chronicle

Abandoned waste

Prado, 12 July 2021 – Prado Traffic Police were able to withdraw To the person responsible for dropping a large amount of hazardous waste on a roadside tree that connects the city of Montel and the Aquino Reservoir. Illegally dumped material, including tons of debris, pins, plastic waste, components of an industrial electrical system (neon lights, sockets, cables, junction boxes, etc.), a toilet, a washbasin and a water heater: all the discarded waste is too small to find the author of that mess. The clues were also explored in the hope of being discovered. An old wall key hanger panel appeared at a certain point in the trash, where all car models made by Opel years ago were reported, so agents assume this brand may have been dropped from a car showroom. Within a few days, most of the Opel dealerships in the provinces of Proto and Pistoia were no longer operational, and up to premises in the San Quosto area of ​​Prato, about 10 years ago, the Opel car, about 30 km from the site used in a landscape.

The building where a window sticker was still embedded Opel, now used by a Chinese packaging company, and the 51-year-old Chinese owner, in the corner, admitted to disposing of the goods at the end of the reconstruction, dumping it in the woods. Entrepreneurs were reported to the ASL and the Labor Office for possession of industrial plants built by employees without an employment contract and technical qualifications, and also complained to the Judicial Officer for environmental protection-related offenses. Costs for proper disposal of waste and rehabilitation of spaces.