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Tricks of the Ferrari, Carabinier and stolen car gang discovered by the dead man

Tricks of the Ferrari, Carabinier and stolen car gang discovered by the dead man

They called cars that simulated thefts “horses” in order to collect compensation from insurance companies. Strangely almost everything was missing in the same area of ​​the city (via Oreto and neighborhoods), and strangely found – not before compensation – always in the same areas. Then there is the story of the Ferrari Destroza, which was created for a woman born in 1932, but she died three years later on the date of the alleged discovery of the previously stolen car: something that did not stop her, thanks – according to the charges – to a barrage of carabiner tricks to report without fail. These are some of the background“Dirty cars” investigation There are 16 people involved, hit by Michelmary’s carabiner yesterday, coordinated by deputy attorney Ennio Petrigni.

“I got off the horse and the standard became smaller …”

Order of the trial judge Guglielmo Nicastro Numerous counterfeit car thefts have been rebuilt and the suspects were able to recover tens of thousands of euros, then resale the vehicles and make a second profit. “I got out of the horse because I had to get out … the stable has become smaller, the horse has gotten bigger”, so one of the detainees, Antonino Congemi, intercepts one of the missing vehicles and hides it in a garage waiting for its discovery.

“This is a job for me”

From another conversation, how frauds can be considered a “job”, especially Keitano Kongemi, ended up under house arrest: “Then I told him: ‘Then when I have to have the car, you don’t have to’ because you can not have a job ‘” .

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Carabiner, Ferrari and condemnation of death

According to the indictment, Giuseppe Lo Costo, an elected official at the Palermo Scallo de Carabinieri station, may have played a key role in packaging false reports about the theft, inserting information into the database, and then re-registering the sale. Example logo about Ferrari Destroza. Jan. A basic measure to allow the mob, according to lawyers, to make money in the vehicle.

Range Rover was stolen, found and sold for 42,500 euros

A similar technique was used with the Range Rover. On February 20, 2017, another misleading report was drawn up again by Lo Costo. In particular, on November 15, 2016, a person reported that the stolen car had been found through Masello. The car was actually stolen from another person the day before, as indicated in the report. Everything will be entered into the database by the military. The vehicle was later registered under the name Caitano Pitaracey, re-registered and resold to a dealership that paid ,500 42,500, without knowing anything about the theft.

500 disappeared twice in a year

Mechanism similar to that used for the Fiat 500: The investigation reveals a false complaint dated March 10, 2017, with the owner of a rental company claiming to have found the stolen car on May 17, 2016 in large Medagli de gold. In this case, the carabiner would have assisted Kaitano Kangemi in the operation. The vehicle was then registered in the name of another person and later in the name of the owner of a dealership. However, the car was reported stolen again on April 21, 2017, by Stoke-on-Trent. A bogus theft, the prosecution claims, would have allowed him to claim, 17,100 in compensation from the insurer.

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The long list of vehicles was never stolen, but never compensated

The gang could pocket 8 for 18,180 for a counterfeit theft of a Mercedes A-Class and 8 14,850 for another car of the same model. Always a Mercedes A-Class, whose theft preceded 14 December 2017, was allowed to receive compensation of 32,100 euros. The next payment was made on January 29, and the next day the car was sold to a third party. The Range Rover Avoque, which was allegedly stolen in the Via Oreto area on November 7, 2017, reappeared on January 30, bringing in 19,100. Another car of the same model, which was allegedly stolen on February 8, 2018, would have made it possible for 4 24,480 to receive compensation.

For the BMW X4 that was allegedly stolen on 21 October 2017, the mob would have collected, 36,180 before reselling. With the Jeep Renegade stolen on 27 September 2018, 14,131 euros would have been compensated. Another Mercedes would have allowed the collection of 36 thousand euros, a smart Corso missing 8,730 euros on October 18, 2018 from Dorcory, a Fiat Abbott, twice stolen, 5,500 euros in compensation and 17 thousand euros in a Mercedes Class B compensation. Here are some examples from the 165 charges that the attorney’s office contested.