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Transmute Exhibitions Upcoming, A New EndCom Content -

Transmute Exhibitions Upcoming, A New EndCom Content –

With a long post on the official website, Amazon Games developers have released the news coming New world And especially the introduction of a new function The final game, தி Changed travel, These are basically quick trips with modifiers changing every week and with various rewards.

This and other news coming in the future for the new world will be available soon Server PTR MMO’s, so players can try them out and provide feedback before integrating into public servers.

As explained by the developers, the main innovation Expedition Transmitters It enhances “normal” and “named” enemies on missions, thus changing the way battles are played and the strategies that players must follow to win. There are various rewards, including new gear and resources, which provide additional ways to increase power levels.

Amazon Games explains, “This system is designed to transform the unique mix of Expeditions and Transmutes each week, with Expedition Transmutation 10 difficulty levels. With the goal of ultimately reaching maximum difficulty, players will be challenged to measure success.” And developers promise there will be more difficulties. “Very difficult“And is suitable for most competitive players.

Among the innovations coming to the New World PTR, we see that as well Dark shorts This allows you to increase the size of an object from 600 to 625. Similarly, the level cap of skills is raised to the same level. You can get Dark Shorts by completing Transmute Expeditions, creating a 600 Gear Point item when it’s 600, and opening a Blaster Cast when your experience for the item is 600.

There are also changes in the balance, improvements in the combat system and the more demanding Low cost for quick travel. For all the other news coming in the new world, we look forward to seeing you Post on the official website of the game.