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Translated into Ascend Italian and PS5?  Neon Giant's answer

Translated into Ascend Italian and PS5? Neon Giant’s answer

Post-release support provided by the team continues Neon Giant For its latest independent development, the video game community has not failed to address further demands for software home.

Of the latter, there is one Localization in Italy Per Boom, Not currently in the title. On this front, the Neon Giant has revealed itself via Twitter below, which guarantees to know the preferences of our Peninsula users. “Although we cannot guarantee an Italian translation at this time, – Team writes on Twitter -, We know some of our players are asking for it, and that’s something we totally want to do When it is logically possibleSo, we have to wait.

The neon giant’s view of someone is obviously more optimistic PlayStation 5 Edition From Boom. On this front, the team really writes: “Although we currently have no announcements to share, you should know that the team is listening to you and is aware of the requests for the PS5 version. Keep an eye on us Here on Twitter for future updates!In short, there is no confirmation for now, but at least the team’s tone seems promising.

Available on PC, Xbox Console and Xbox Game Pass Table, Ascent has made significant collections For an indie title.

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