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Transfer screen shots to iPhone: How to automate partitioning

Transfer screen shots to iPhone: How to automate partitioning

With the Nintendo 11.0 firmware update it has become easier to export screen shots and videos from Switch. Now the use of new shortcuts Automation from Maxstories Switch to iPhone and iPad will take it further by making screen sharing as seamless and fast as possible.

Up to 11.0 firmware update for Click, Sharing screen shots with the console’s Twitter integration was somewhat annoying. With the latest firmware, Nintendo has released a QR code based process for sharing 10 screen shots at a time or any video with one device. However, you must save the images manually one by one.

Federico VTC of Maxstories – A shortcut wizard – Developed a new shortcut and automation called iPhone and iPod Shortswitch Switch makes it even better and faster with iOS devices for sharing and storing screen shots and videos.

Here is how Federico describes it:

The result is a shortcut, a shortcut that automatically recognizes the media shared by Nintendo Switch via Wi-Fi and it offers the option to save all items at once on photos or files, share via share sheet or copy them.

Share screen shots on iPhone and iPod with the shortcut app

How to use the shortcut

  1. Download Shortwitch shortcuts automation here (Even if it comes from a completely trusted source, you may have to allow unreliable shortcuts)
  2. On your switch, open the Album app and choose what you want to share (you can take up to 10 screen shots or 1 video at a time)
  3. Confirm the item (s) you selected and you should see a QR code
  4. Scan the code with your iPhone or iPad in the default camera app or code reader in the Control Center (or a third-party code scanner)
  5. Tap the pop-up to join Switch’s WiFi network
  6. You can skip scanning the second QR code, go to the shortcuts app and enable shortwitch automation (Federico Notes can use automation as a widget from your home screen)
  7. Choose where to store your screen shots / video
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Use Shortwitch Automation to Change Screen Shots on iPhone and iPod

Going even further, you can use the shortswitch shortcut as a running automation whenever you connect your iPhone or iPad to your switch.

See exactly how to do it Full MacStories tutorial here.

We’ve written about this before, but if you ‘ve not already seen the Maxstories shortcuts archive, it’s actually a A treasure trove of useful shortcuts / automations 228 of them and with the number.

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