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Is the trailer coming? Official site reveals PEGI classification -

Trailer or Info By the end of March, Jeff Group – Nert 4. Life says

Elton Ring Will be coming back to see, or at least it will be in a center Trailer or new info, At the end March 2021, According to the reporter Jeff Group The writer of VenturePeat, in his spare time, often plays an internal role, sometimes proving to be very reliable, and at other times less so, will tell the truth.

Anyway, his voice adds to one Gossip series Aiming for something new Presentation Coming soon to Elton Ring, considering that former game informant Imran Khan has also recently confirmed that he will be getting information on the new topic before E3 2021 from the software.

In the case of the group, the circle tightens further, and the new presentation appears to be decisive Close, We are talking about an event at the end of March or in the coming weeks. “Many sources They reassure me that we will know something about the Elton Ring by the end of March, “said a journalist on the podcast over the past few hours,” Games Beat Determines. “

It is difficult to strike a balance in a situation like this, which is much more complicated by Kovit-19 Change programs Last time, but now it seems that the materials and information are ready and the group’s mysterious sources are ready to reveal these documents.

Everything is likely to slip April, But according to the group, in any case, much should not be seen now, it is certain that Elton Ring will be able to show himself, or in any case be the protagonist of new information by the end of March 2021. On the other hand, always a few days ago the official website of the game released the PEGI rating, which led many to think about the upcoming trailer for the Elton Ring, which continues One of the most anticipated topics Although it has never been seen in practice since its remote announcement in E3 2019.

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Elton Ring could return to show himself by March 2021