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Todd Howard – According to, the release date is written in ink, not pencil

According to Todd Howard, The leading person of Bethesda Softworks, The Release date From Starfield It was not decided easily. Of course it is. “Written with ink, not pencil“, As he said in an interview with, he touched on various topics related to the company’s plans, which were recently acquired by Microsoft for Xbox Game Studios.

According to Howard, Starfield is a truly ambitious topic, but despite this, the development team is confident that it will be able to launch it on November 11, 2022, as previously announced. Of course, nothing is always 100% sure and the possibility of some is always there Recommendation The goal is to achieve it at the last minute, but within the time currently announced and progress in this direction is excellent.

Howard doesn’t say much when it comes to the game, it has a structure like Elder Scrolls. So since we are talking about a topic in space, we can expect to focus on exploring a larger game world in this matter created by many planets. Bethesda decided to try a whole new universe, so the creation of The Elder Scrolls 6 was postponed.

Launched on Starfield PC and Xbox consoles. It is also immediately available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers.

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