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Today 17 March 2021. Live updates

Today 17 March 2021. Live updates

Many users report to us below an Iliad network at this time. In fact, many customers find it difficult to connect to the Internet. Today is 17 March 2021, an embarrassment that started a few minutes ago at 3.00pm today. Below you will find live comments from the Telegram Channel on this network. We will update you on this page for more information on this Iliad scandal.

Ore 15.31. Problems with the Iliad network seem widespread throughout the nation. Most of the reports, logically, came from major cities including Rome, Milan and Naples. However, it covers a limited area of ​​customers. Many users do not experience any inconvenience as you can read in the live update comments below. So it will not be bulk.

Ore16.42. Difficulties in the network were acquired by Iliad technicians, all solved in a few minutes. So the whole time lasted very little – as we remember – and only affected a small fraction of Iliad users.

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