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Tim Cook protested against "regulations that could affect privacy and security."

Tim Cook protested against “regulations that could affect privacy and security.”

The future European control over the big digital platforms (DMA) is through Tim Cook’s throat. The chairman, who was invited to speak at a conference organized by the International Association of Privacy Professionals, reiterated that Apple. “I am deeply concerned about regulations that could affect privacy and security.”

After mentioning several recently introduced privacy measures on iOS and macOS (Ad Tracking MonitoringPrivate relay, hidden emails …), Tim Cook said he fears some of them will disappear soon.

As he had already done in other public speeches, he confirmed Marginalization And alternative App Stores, as a rule in the DMA, pose a significant security and privacy risk to users.

“To be clear, Apple supports privacy regulations. We have long supported GDPR, and many countries have their own privacy laws. We continue to call for strong new privacy laws in the United States., he said. But he did not like the terms of wanting to loosen Apple’s grip on the iPhone.

“Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online., Said Tim Cook. Since there is no question in the DMA, it is a rather cavalier comment “Remove the most secure option”As he says, the App Store can be in place.

“Apple believes in competition!”He shouted that if Apple were forced to accept apps outside the App Store on the iPhone, it would perform better again after that. “The unintended consequences will be profound.” Without explicitly naming the DMA, he called on the community of privacy experts to join Apple’s efforts. “Regulations must be made and enforced to protect the fundamental rights of each individual. ⁇

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