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Tim Cook does not want to use iPhones to ‘roll endlessly’ through social media

In a recent interview, current Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke about his concerns about how some people use their iPhones, including “endless scrolling” of content on social media. He called for a more creative use of technology.

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As you know, Apple has now introduced the iPhone 13. In fact, Apple’s current CEO Tim Cook is increasing the number of interviews. Precisely, Cupertino’s big boss gave an interview to the female magazine Bustle. It triggers first Apple’s support for Shine, An application designed to combat mental health issues and promote meditation.

According to him, the use of shine “Another powerful example of how technology can be used to improve people’s lives. Then he and the journalist approached Technology and Internet Addiction ProblemAnd their potential harm to the mental health of young people in particular. A hot topic, especially after Confusing revelations about Facebook And The Effects of Instagram on Teenage Depression.

Technology should serve humanity, but I have always believed that there is no other way. I always worry that people are using more technology […] I’m often worried about wireless scrolling, and I’m surrounded you negatively ”, He explains and explains the behaviors triggered by social networks.

Tim Cook wants to see iPhones come into good use

He continues: “We both want people to display photos they like or connect with family and friends through FaceTime with their devices. Not an endless stupid scroll “, Promises to Apple boss. Note that Asa Ruskin is the creator of the infinite scrolling mechanism, which is found on almost all social networks. In 2019, he. “I’m so sorry “ For his inventionShe regrets what she did to the company. He does not want it to become a ploy. “Keep users online as much as possible. ”

If this can guarantee Tim Cook, some iPhone owners will use their smartphone in the original way Thanks to the iOS 15 functionality, students have found a way not to copy its lessons, Or This doctor uses the macro mode of the iPhone 13 To treat the eyes of his patients.

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