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TickTalk has filed a lawsuit to end the September 27 app download ban

Social media upstart TickTalk on Wednesday filed an emergency ban to stop the Trump administration’s orders banning app downloads on Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

Tick ​​tock a, filed in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Speed ​​up hearing And a primary ban against the White House order effectively removing the application from circulation, reports Variety.

The Trump administration is pressuring TicTac to sell its U.S. interests to a domestic company, citing national security concerns over the app’s Chinese owner BytDance. If the agreement is not reached, the application will be removed from the US App Store on September 27.

“There is no real emergency here to justify the government’s actions,” Tick Tock said in the filing. “And there is no reason to insist that the bans be enforced immediately.”

TickTalk’s latest lawsuit came as the company was trying to reach an agreement with Oracle, Wal – Mart and other investors, a deal Trump approved in “Concept” on Saturday.

The terms of the arrangement call for Oracle and its partners to acquire a 20% stake in US TickTalk, with the remaining 80% held at ByteDance. Access to Oracle TickTalk’s source code to ensure that the software does not have backdoors. This week, US Secretary of State Mike Pompey said the new business would be “controlled by Americans” and ByteDance would act as a “passive shareholder”.

In today’s filing, Tick Tack said “the government has made extraordinary efforts to meet ever-changing demands and national security issues.” The company had previously sued the Trump administration in August, arguing that the removal order violated the company’s right to due process.