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This video has surpassed one billion, thanks to a simple joke

This video has surpassed one billion, thanks to a simple joke

Today we learn that the most popular comedy on the internet allowed a video of over a billion on the YouTube site. Who is thankful?

A joke that will soon be 15 years old

No doubt about it The young man does not know the joke we are going to talk about today, And this is normal because its origins go back to the first forms of social networking on the Internet Quakenet or mIRC, And the beginning of such forums 4chan, founded in 2003 in the United States. If the song was written in 1987 and the music video was taken, It is necessary to wait until 2007, by which we give the currently known version: Hypertext link that leads to a serious matter, Finally redirect to the song. The Recroll was born.

Because this is the most recent, the July 28, that song I will never let you down Artist Rick Astley has crossed one billion views on YouTube. An index number representing The strong popularity of the song on the internet, Which is highly shared and redistributed. To find out the moment that made the song popular, We have to go back to the release of GTA IV in 2007. Great Grace around the trailer for the next game Rockstar Games, Do not PS2 game remakes have provoked fans and critics alike, Was like that The servers watching the video crashed In the face of the advent of attachments.

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Some fun little ones from 4chan had a wonderful idea: Propose a link labeled “GTA IV Trailer” provided as a copy of the video, Actually refers to the clip I will never let you down. That song is there now Top 100 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube, with super popular songs, As see you again From Wis Khalifa (5,324M), Your form d ‘Ed Sheeran (5,524M) Or finally Slowly From Louis Fonseca (7,637M) And … Baby shark From Ping Pong And his 9,723 billion views …

1 billion views for Never Gonna Give You Up @ Web light ! Surprise, crazy, wonderful!
Rick #NGGYU # NGGYU1 billion

July 28, 2021

Rick Austley: Finally Dedicated

This The joke quickly became popular and quickly became known as the Roll, Inspired by the name of the songwriter, Rick Austley, And deception (“Recroller“Or in English”Murmured“). The original clip has unfortunately disappeared today, mainly due to copyright issues.. So this is a version released in 2009, after the singer’s popularity resumes, it will receive all the tributes. A synthesizer sound already dated at the time of mixing with R’n’B melody, Song I will never let you down Not really old, But that is what creates its charm today, especially with the kitsch look of the 1980s It shakes Rick Astley in front of a brick wall.

Rick Austley announced in 2008 that he did not understand the rise in popularity of his song after retiring in 1993.. He will tell Los Angeles Time in 2008 “It’s one of those weird things that someone throws up a frenzy and everyone follows. This is what makes the internet so popular. I especially want my daughter to look at her father like this without being ashamed.

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Today, Even the big brands are using the recall on April 1st like Google, All recommended videos are now linked to a popular song, or In 2015, Apple hid the Rigrol in the no-man’s area of ​​its Apple Watch..