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This space shooter game for iOS is currently free for பதிலாக 4.99

This space shooter game for iOS is currently free for பதிலாக 4.99

Do you like playing your weekend games? Next Bit recommends downloading this space shooter game for your iPhone and iPod. The “Subdivision Infinity” game is currently free on the Apple App Store for 4.99.

  • Subdivision Infinity is a 3D space shooter game
  • The game is rated 4.3 stars on the App Store and has no in-app purchases.
  • The game usually costs 4.99 euros

Mobile games are temporarily free on the “Subdivision Infinity” App Store. The game was developed for the iPod, but is compatible with iPhones, MacBooks or the iMac M1. The game consists of completing 40 missions with a spacecraft that crosses levels while shooting down enemy ships.

You can mine asteroids for extra equipment. So, once you complete the important tasks, the free hunting system will give you extra incentive. Subsection Infinity also offers the opportunity to create your own ship. Since the game is highly rated in the App Store, this concept seems to work.

Why is Subsection Infinity Promotional Game Worth It?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the subdivision is rated 4.3 stars in the Infinity App Store. Users especially appreciate the graphics and controls of the game. Support for MFI controllers and Apple TV was appreciated. Unfortunately, I do not have an iPhone to try it myself, but I asked my colleague Johanna to test the game briefly.

Mobile Game trusts with its beautiful 3D graphics / © Crescent Moon Games

He took screen shots and was beaten by the graphics after a short game session. By the way, the game was created Crescent moon games, Has many mobile games for iOS, Android and PC to its name. Privacy policy refers to the fact that the developer data is not exploited, but it collects cookies and application data (log).

Additionally, Subvision Infinity for Android can be downloaded for free. However, there seems to be a lot of purchases in use.

What do you think about subsection infinity? Have you tried the game before? Please let me know in the comments!

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