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This old Microsoft Assistant (whom no one likes) is back in Hollow Infinite Season 2

This old Microsoft Assistant (whom no one likes) is back in Hollow Infinite Season 2

Microsoft’s always-painful former assistant has given an unexpected twist to Hollow Infinite Season 2.

Also known by its nickname Clippit, Clippit is an animated paper clip logo from Microsoft’s past.

Assistant in Microsoft Word, more than pain, clip

Origin and popularity Providing minimal effective adviceIn older versions of Microsoft Word, along with other less memorable animation assistants from Microsoft, the clip was fortunately discontinued many years ago.

Those who thought the paper clip was put up as a good thing can make a rude awakening to find it Hollow Infinite Season 2 Rewards.

As James Shields shared on Twitter, the clip came back and was much more bitter than before, appearing on the nameplate and side in Hollow Infinite Season 2.

For the past decade, if you’ve realized that what is really missing in your life is a small piece of metal that gives you a smile of superiority, Hollow Infinite is here to help. Now you can attach the little guy to your guns and dingle him while you shoot your opponents.

Fortunately, the clip will not chat during your Hollow Infinite games. Unless there are plans to add him as an AI assistant, “Looks like you’re trying to shoot him in the head! Need help targeting his head?”

This is not the only time the clip has made an impact on the Hollow Infinite community. Nine months ago a Reddit post (thanks PCG) featured the CLIP-E AI Assistant’s makeup. The post was much appreciated. The news received a lot of praise and many fans were eager to feel it in the game.

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Hollow Infinite Season 2 is live now. The update adds two new maps, “Lost Spartan Standing” mode, all new playlists and more.