A lot has happened since the Nintendo Switch was launched in 2017, at least by Sony and Microsoft. With the new OLED model, Nintendo finally gives the switch a breath of fresh air. Robert meticulously watched the new version of the console for a few weeks and you can see his result in the video.

Nintendo Switch OLED: Old and new combination?

The Nintendo Switch has now been hovered over the counter more than 90 million times. Four years after its first release, despite some criticism, the console’s popularity has not waned: Labbriger kickstand, limited memory, Joy-con-drift.

If you ask the internet, there are some things that can be criticized for picking up the console. Nintendo tried to fix some of these points in the new version of their box office success.

In everyday life, the OLED display that gives it its name is particularly noticeable. Although the panel paper has grown only 0.8 inches from 6.2 to 7.0 inches, it looks considerably larger in direct comparison. The colors are very contrasting and the edges have shrunk dramatically. Another advantage: the brightness of the switch is also increased compared to the normal model. How the display works during the day, You can see it in our video.

Also kickstand has become significantly more effective due to its size and newer, more durable material. He can Can be adjusted regularly Thus providing more comfort to the players during the journey.

For almost a month, Robert Nintendo tested the new OLED model of the switch in detail. Now he makes a decision: which issues have been fixed and which remain Who cares about upgrading the console to a new model? All this can be seen in more video.

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