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Wear the OS on the Galaxy Watch (Active) 4, it is confirmed

This is the interface you will use if you do not have a Samsung Watch

Screenshots of Wear OS 3 without Samsung’s One UI interface surface show a design that users can enjoy with other brands of smartwatches.

Samsung and Wear OS

Samsung watches were first used by Wear OS 3 //

This announcement was made with great fanfare: Wear OS 3 Developed jointly by Google and Samsung. Thus, the South Korean company was able to make the first use of this improved interface Attached clocks On his Galaxy Watch 4 And Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

Both of these products benefit from Samsung-style Wear OS 3, viz A UI experience. In terms of design, it is not offered to the remaining users who own watches of other brands.

Wear OS 3 without the Samsung tab

Or, In Reddit, User u / amoledwatchfaces One shares screenshots of the Wear OS interface without a UI design.

In fact, as Michal Rushman explains (XDA Developers), Google wisely updated its Wear OS 3.0 prototype on November 17; Most recently. Also shared some screen shots.

Google has quietly released the recently updated Wear OS 3.0 (Android 11) emulator image. Wear OS is not open source, so this is the only way to test the latest version other than buying the Galaxy Watch 4.

Creation date is November 17, so this is very new.


– மிஷால் ரஹ்மான் (MishaalRahman) December 14, 2021

The Build The question is always based Android 11. So the interface design is not compatible with the material guideline you introduced Android 12 On smartphones.

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However, this is undoubtedly the interface with a very similar look that will be offered in 2022 on the first Wear OS 3 watches other than Samsung. We think specifically The Pixel Watch always talks a little too much about it. This is also predicted For next year.

However, it is not ruled out that Google has provided a dedicated interface for its watch.

Watches connected with Wear OS gradually benefit from an interesting change: the screen dedicated to updates to the operating system indicates which version of Android is used and the security connection date installed.
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