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This is the first edition of Rencond Agri in Floronus this weekend

This is the first edition of Rencond Agri in Floronus this weekend

This weekend, the first edition of the Rencont Agri will take place at the Galleon de Floronnes, a public event for the benefit of distressed farmers. It is organized by the association of Le Marcour de l Espoire, especially under the leadership of Patrick Maureen, who is known for his long travels in France: he walks to warn the people for the peasants. “Realizing that suicides are constantly increasing in the agricultural world, I formed the association Le Marcheur de l’Espoir to create a connection with all the actors in this community. He writes., Collects comments, essential information and evidence collected during my walks.

Renkondre Agri will kick off on Saturday at the Gallion de Florones with presentations of old farm equipment, farm products sold by our farmers, music entertainment, and games for kids. (Free admission). In the evening, at 8:30 pm on the Gallian stage, it is time for two of the most talented local artists, namely young pianist Mark-Olivier Boing and singer Jean-Louis Galato, who distinguished himself at the recent Nerok Jazz Festival, which has not yet been presented, which has been recognized in Agenes, especially Charles. In the description of the titles of Asnavoor. “This event,” explains Jean-Louis Callato, “is organized for the benefit of distressed farmers.” Tickets (at a cost of € 15; free for children under 15) are issued by the Organizing Society for this reason. The show features film music (American music) covers, but also features some of the best French song titles composed by Brawl, Begot, and Ferrer. Mark-Olivier Boing will give the best intervals, the best arrangement of the best tunes, the best effect. Tickets can be purchased on site, but you can pay for them in advance on site (Download tickets). We can also take information about 06 89 97 44 20. After this beautiful musical evening, on Sunday, in Galleon, a parade of citizens (from 10 a.m.), an olive tree planting and an installation commemorating Blake in the memory of the farmers who departed early in the morning (11 a.m.).

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“Illness in the agricultural world, how to fix it” will be one of the topics discussed during the discussion (from 2 pm). On Saturday, the Renkantry Agri Florones Bruno Dubos will be inaugurated by the mayor and two MPs: Villeneuve-Fumel Olivier Damien, senator and author of a report on the prevention of suicides among farmers, and author of a report on the plight of farmers.