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This is awesome: James Webb's departure is so accurate, the telescope will double its lifespan

This is awesome: James Webb’s departure is so accurate, the telescope will double its lifespan

The James Webb Telescope will operate in space twice as long. Its launch was very precise and did not require much straining on its fuel reserves.

This is great news for astronomers and avid followers of space news: the launch of the telescope James Webb To be more precise, he had his motivational reserves – his “fuel”, in short, no need to over-demand. As a result, the duration of James Webb’s work is doubled.

James Webb can operate for over 10 years

This is what it isAnnounced In a progress report released by the European Space Agency on its website on December 29, 2021: ” The Web team examined its initial trajectory and determined that the observatory should have sufficient impetus to support scientific operations in orbit for a lifetime of more than ten years.

Until now, it was obtained from the space telescope, which by 2022, must have at least five years of operational life. The spacecraft is currently. In traffic to its destination, He will reach it by the end of January 2022. He should then be ready six months in front of him to measure his surveillance equipment and carry out alignment tests to make sure everything is in order.

It was hoped that the laboratory would extend this five-year deadline to continue to provide scientists with knowledge and enhance knowledge. Black holes, The first time in the universe after the Big Bang, including stars and galaxies or even exoplanets, with properties favorable to the origin of life.

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Take a closer look at all of this. // Source: Bill Ingalls

This hope has been fulfilled with the assurance that James Webb will be able to function for at least another five years or even a few more years. The European Space Agency says we have been out of the lab for more than ten years. The exact duration will depend on how the impulse reserves are managed over a number of years.

In this case, the European Space Agency sent a satisfaction to its crew, but most of all to Ariane Space, which uses the Ariane 5 rocket. 25. Thanks to the quality of the filming we were able to preserve the mainstay of James Webb’s impetus.

The most precise correct maneuvers

The thrust is high due to the accuracy of the ArianeSpace Ariane 5’s launch, which exceeds the requirements for keeping the heat in the right direction. », Writes the European Space Agency. It was an opportunity for the Europeans to prove their superiority in missiles and their knowledge of space launching.

There are two other factors that save James Webb’s “fuel”: two course correction maneuvers, the company said, which are more accurate. First, Lasted 65 minutes, adding 20 meters per second to the speed of the craft movement. Just a second 9 minutes and 27 seconds added 2.8 meters per second.

“Fuel” meets several requirements: adjusting James Webb’s aircraft to its destination and inserting it into orbit where desired. Then, not only will it keep the craft in place for many years, but it will also help point the telescope at spatial points of interest. In short, everything we save Before Can serve Then.


Source: Chris Gunn