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This Android app robs you of your contacts and subscribes to paid services

This Android app robs you of your contacts and subscribes to paid services

Researchers have discovered an application from the Google Play Store that sent users’ contacts to a server controlled by Russian hackers. The embedded malware also took care of subscribing to paid services.

Smartphone application phase

Application phase on Android smartphone (Samsung) // Source: Frontroid

Color message. If you have these apps on your smartphone, hurry to remove it. This potty name actually hides the malware that hacks your phone.

Discovered by Brady protection And aired by the site Ars Technica, The information is worrying. These apps have been downloaded over 500,000 times from the Google Play Store. She promised to brighten up your messages by adding emojis and blocking spam. But in reality, according to researchers at Brady Security, it mainly allowed Android smartphones to be compromised and recover the contact book, which was transferred to a server that appears to be in Russia.

An application that is hidden in the smartphone

But this is not its simple function. SMS also sent a color message to subscribe to premium services without the user’s permission. The Joker malware uses very little code and does very stealthily, making it very difficult to detect. Additionally, hackers have hidden the application icon from the home screen after installation.

The color message hides the malware that is transmitting to your smartphone

Color message hides malicious software hacking your smartphone // Source: Brady Protection

As Pradio Security points out, the Joker has been seen in hundreds of applications over the past two years and has already infected millions of Android devices.

Cyber ​​security researchers advise uninstalling the app immediately to prevent fraudulent activity without their knowledge.

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Reported by Ars Technica For Google, the application has been removed from the Play Store. But again, this case criticizes the enhanced security of Google’s App Store, which has not yet completely eliminated malicious applications.

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