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These "dangerous" applications to remove from the smartphone, according to experts

These “dangerous” applications to remove from the smartphone, according to experts

Smartphone users have been warned about a new malicious virus capable of stealing personal data. A list of applications considered risky was provided by IT security experts at the checkpoint.

A list of computer security experts at Checkpoint has been compiled They advise to remove the applications Immediately from his smartphone, Forbes reported.

According to the media, experts have mentioned two names for each project. The former can be found in the phone’s shortcut menu, the latter appearing in the app’s properties. The list of these projects includes Google Play Service, Security, Settings, Apple, Apple Project, Bus, WiFi Password Cracker, Idea Security, Service and Wallpaper Women suspected of carrying the new malicious Trojan called Rogue.

As Forbes points out, this remote access virus is capable of “snatching” the device and stealing user data, photos, location information, contacts and messages. The program disguises itself as a standard Google service as Device Manager.

If the owner of the smartphone tries Restrict malware access to your data, A warning will appear on the screen: “Do you want to erase all data?”.

Checkpoint experts have warned that access to the new Trojan device’s microphone and camera is planned.

Also, with this virus, hackers can send calls and take screen shots, delete files and install applications from the victim’s devices.

“Fight” against viruses

The company, quoted by Forbes, clarified that the Trojan phone can also access the WhatsApp database and delete all stored messages.

Users who find any of these applications on their phone are advised to remove it immediately and install a reliable antivirus.

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