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There is a new free ‘Super Smash Brothers Ultimate’ item package

Nintendo offers a free Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Item pack Switch online Subscribers for a limited time.

The item pack, titled Spiritboard Challenge Pack 7, will give Switch online subscribers access to 3,000 Spirit Points, weakening re-match tokens, 50 percent damage tokens, allied tokens and health drain tokens. The item pack can only be used in the game’s spirit board mode.

To request a free item package, players must select the Special Offers tab from the Nintendo Switch online icon on the device’s dashboard. Players can alternatively view the item package listed in the Switch Online tab in Eishop.

The Super Smash Brothers Ultimate Item Pack Pay Switch is only available to online subscribers. Players who use the free trial for the service will not be able to access the Spiritboard Challenge Pack.

The free item pack recently added fan preference Final Fantasy VII The villain Zebroth came into the game last week (December 22). This writing is currently available individually or in part via Zebroth DLC Fighters pass module. 2 Bundle.

In other news, Nintendo of America leader Doug Bowser has previously shut down rumors of a pro version of the Nintendo Switch. He noted that the continued success of Switch & Switch Light has given the company the opportunity to “continue in the coming seasons and lean on both of those platforms”.