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There is a link from the DRS on the rear wing that is not unloaded

There is a link from the DRS on the rear wing that is not unloaded

These improvements were confirmed by the first images from the Jetta Paddock: the crews prepared their cars with a medium-low aerodynamic set-up. A very fast system designed for the coast by Herman Tilke, in which drivers are at full throttle at 79% of the lap, with an average speed of over 250km / h.

The Red Bull has brought a rear wing to Saudi Arabia, especially with a low profile main profile, the front edge being very curved upwards and having a spoon design to reduce traction near the side walls.

The movable flap, on the other hand, has a very generous chord and shows an important event, while there is no trace of a knolter on the back edge. The interesting aspect is that the TRS command was standard, so there was no intention to use the reinforcement for free training on Saturday morning in Losail, which was later rejected.

In the film Giorgio Piola On the other hand, the reinforcement skin attached to the root of the mobile flip is a sign that fears of open wing “flickering” have not been ruled out at all, where there is less foreign exchange.

McLaren MCL35M, details of unloaded rear wing for Jeddah

Photographer: Giorgio Piola

McLaren also follows Red Bull’s aerodynamic concept: Walking’s panel, in addition to the main spoon profile, exemplifies a movable flap with a smaller string than the RB16B. The MCL35 M did not accept the extra Gurney flap and, of course, dropped the T-wing.