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Il Milan su FIFA 22, guida alla modalità Carriera: potenziale della rosa e budget a disposizione

The team has the potential and the budget

For football and video game fans this is definitely one of the most anticipated times of the year: Fall New Year Editions FIFA e PES (EFootball from this year). If you want to wait a little longer for the Konami game, the simulation created and published by EA Sports is in the pipeline: EA Play or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One (trial version of the game can not be used for more than 10 hours), while those who have booked the “Ultimate Version” can start using it without restrictions from September 27, four days before the official release, which will take place on October 1st.

Since last year The Milan The premium partner, logo, stadium and shirt of Canada Videogame House’s successful football series is officially licensed on FIFA only. So let’s imagine that most Rosonery people would choose FIFA22 Lead the Rosonery team to virtual victory. The most popular method is of course the Ultimate Group, but the writer is a big fan of the “profession”; Those who can’t wait to start a career as a coach under Milan will definitely want to know the team’s new values.

So let’s go and seeOverall These figures are valid until Thursday, September 23, and may change during the football year based on the actual performance of the players, as well as the ability of all Rosonery players when updating the EA database. Week by week. In the list, you can also see if there are any so-called Rosonery players to date, based on data provided by Game Home, As a result of digital scanning of the face most of the time comes close to photosynthesis. As well as statistics, real faces can be added during the year (at the option of the EA).

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AC Milan – Serie A – San Siro Stadium – First Year Business Budget: 37.271.412⁇

Mike Miknon – Overall 84, Possible 89. Game Home: No.

Follow Hernandez – Overall 84, Possible 90. Game Home: Yes.

Frank Cessie – Overall 84, Possible 86. Game Home: Yes.

Sladen Ibrahimovic – Overall 84, Possible 84. Game Home: Yes.

Simon Khajer – Overall 83, Possible 83. Game Home: Yes.

Alessio Romagnoli – Overall 82, Possible 83. Game Home: Yes.

In view Repik – Overall 82, Possible 82. Game Home: Yes.

Alessandro Florence – Overall 81, Possible 81. Game Home: Yes.

Ismail Pennasser – Overall 80, Possible 84. Game Home: No.

Oliver Giroud – Overall 79, Possible 79. Game Home: Yes.

Timo பகயோகோ – Overall 79, Possible 81. Game Home: Yes.

Come Domori – Overall 79, Possible 85. Game Home: No.

Brahim Dias – Overall 78, Possible 86. Game Home: Yes.

David Calabria – Overall 78, Possible 81. Game Home: No.

Sandro Donali – Overall 77, Possible 86. Game Home: Yes.

Raphael Leo – Overall 77, Possible 82. Game Home: No.

Cyprian Ttăruşanu – Overall 77, Possible 77. Game Home: No.

சாமு Castillejo – Overall 77, Possible 77. Game Home: Yes.

Andrea Kandy – Overall 77, Possible 77. Game Home: No.

Alexis Salemakers – Overall 76, Possible 81. Game Home: No.

Rat Chronic – Overall 75, Possible 75. Game Home: No.

Junior Messiah – Overall 74, Possible 74. Game Home: No.

Fodder Ballo-Tour – Overall 72, Possible 76 Game Home: No.

Pierre Kalou – Overall 69, Possible 82. Game Home: No.

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Pietro Bellegri – Overall 68, Possible 78. Game Home: No.

Matteo Copia – Overall 68, Possible 81. Game Home: No.

Alessandro Blissari – Overall 66, Possible 79. Game Home: No.

Daniel Maldini – Overall 59, Possible 77. Game Home: No.