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The Surface Dio is now a small Xbox for 1, 1,500

The Surface Dio is now a small Xbox for 1, 1,500

The Xbox GamePass app has been updated to improve its interface on dual screen smartphones such as the Surface Dio. What to offer the first portable Xbox.

Source: Banos Banai

Source: Banos Banai

An idea Xbox Portable has been a project for a long time at Microsoft, But never saw daylight. We can evaluate it xCloud, Microsoft, its cloud gaming service, has found an elegant way to offer portable gaming that is different from what Nintendo offers, or Sony with PSP and PS Vita. Today, most Android devices and iOS devices such as PCs and iPhones can access xCloud By official use, When the App Store approves it, via the Internet, When Apple misuses its position.

Turn the Surface Dio into a smaller console

Then Beta testing for a few weeks, Microsoft has updated the official Android app to suit Surface Dio’s two screens. According to Bill Spencer, the boss of Xbox, and Banos Banai, who oversees Surface Products, this is a collaboration between various Microsoft teams to deliver the new solution.

I am proud of all the teams that came together to deliver this new feature. It is important that we provide the best experience for gamers based on where they want to play, and we will continue to do so as we progress in cloud gaming.

– Bill Spencer (ஸ்ப Xbox P3) May 24, 2021

The new version of the app manages both screens in Nintendo DS mode. The game is displayed on the top screen and the touch controls are displayed on the bottom screen.

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Please note, this update does not add a permanent controller to the dual second screen of the Surface Dual, but in this second display moves the touch controls already provided by the developers. In other words, it’s only for 50 xCloud games that provide touch controls without the need for an additional controller.

The idea was very interesting and teased from Microsoft’s first films Surface double. We may still wonder about the quality of the experience provided by the touch controls placed on another screen, which is far from our direct view. Unlike physical controllers, the touch keys have to look at them to make sure you are pressing the right keys.