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The Story of the Seasons Mobile Credit-Trailer • Nintendo Link

The Story of the Seasons Mobile Credit-Trailer • Nintendo Link

Awesome, Tencent Games and Developer Next Studios – As Promised – First Trailer Seasons mobile story Published, Mobile Offshoot announced in March 2019. Marvel also announced that it and Tencent Games have reached a licensing agreement that will allow the Chinese-based developer to create a new one. Pokujo Monokatari-Com (story of the seasons) to work. Unfortunately, more than one logo is missing – to date (thank you) Gematsu).

Even the official website Seasons mobile story You find out Here Below you will find the introductory trailer and a short video running in the background of the website.

Beginning with the arrival of the main character welcomed by the mayor of “Jinglu”, various scenes are shown for cutting down trees, fishing, farming, farming, and a heart event.

Release date not yet announced. Likewise, we know nothing about the business model of the game and whether it will appear in the West. Seasons mobile story Currently in development for iOS and Android.

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