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PS5 & Xbox Series: Die Knappheit an elektronischen Bauteilen hält bis Mitte 2022 an

The shortage of electronic components will continue until mid-2022

According to the managing director of Foxconn, one of the largest manufacturers of electrical goods, supply restrictions already discussed will continue for at least a year. That means it will not be able to deliver enough PS5 consoles until mid-2022.

Foxconn, a multinational technology company, is one of the largest manufacturers of electronic components. According to current reports, Foxconn’s CEO Young Liu said in a recent conference call that he expects supply restrictions to continue until the middle of next year.

Consoles are not the only ones without chips

As a result computer chips are only available in limited quantities, which cannot meet the high demand for new consoles. As a result, Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X / S will be hard to come by this year. It affects not only game consoles but also graphics cards, smartphones and electric cars.

In addition, the CEO announced that the effects of the chip shortage were rarely felt until February this year. Since then, the situation has continued to deteriorate. In the absence of components, those in charge at Foxconn had to cut deliveries by ten percent. Nevertheless, the group wants to increase gross profit by more than three percent by increasing production of electric cars.

This forecast is not particularly surprising. A few weeks ago, Microsoft suspected that the shortage of microchips would continue into the second half of 2022. Sony Interactive Entertainment has already battled delivery disruptions last year and announced that the company’s targets for sold PS5 consoles will be missed this year.

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