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The Rev. customer wants to download the app - but there is a catch!

The Rev. customer wants to download the app – but there is a catch!

The Rev customer wants to download the Supermarket app – but there’s a big catch!

Rev: The Success Story of the Supermarket Chain

Rev: The Success Story of the Supermarket Chain

The Rev Group in Cologne is one of the largest retail groups in Germany. This does not only include the supermarket chain Rev. These include Penny, Doom, Billa in Austria, DER Tourist Germany and Leckerland.

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Look for offers through the related app Rev Check or use the delivery service?

Many of our customers are already doing this Rev. But one of them suddenly encountered a problem in the App Store – and received an important explanation from the grocery store!

Rev: Two apps in the App Store – the customer is confused

In fact, there are two different Rewe apps in the App Store: “Rewe Online & Markets” and “Rewe Offers & Coupons”. So do you need two apps for smooth online shopping?


This is the Rev:

  • The Rev. was founded in 1927 in Cologne
  • Then 17 Procurement Co-operative Societies came together
  • The name comes from “Revisionsverband der Westkauf cooperatives”.
  • There are about 3,300 Rev branches (up to 2020), many of which now offer delivery service.
  • You can find out more about offers in brochures and online


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The customer on Facebook also wonders: “What’s the difference between the two? Is it enough to install one of them or are there functions available only in one of the two?

The Rev. explains what each application is

Of course, the Rev is happy to help an annoyed customer and explains: “Actually, there are some differences between our applications. So you can with us Rewe Online & MarketsApplication, for example, use the delivery and pick-up service Deals & Coupons-App participates in various campaigns such as Digital Loyalty Points and uses various vouchers.


More News about Rewe:


Information that one or the other Rewe customer will definitely benefit from. (in it)