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The producer reveals some news in an interview with ~ Pokemon Millennium

The producer reveals some news in an interview with ~ Pokemon Millennium

Announced about a month ago Nintendo Live February 17, Thank you Demo Available for free on Nintendo ESHAP, Project Triangle Strategy Has already won the hearts of fans Action JRPG. Thank you after the win Octopus Traveler, Square Enix He tries again, gives us even more frenzy game and improves the exciting visual field.

During the interview on March 7, held Game Live Japan, Sports producer Tomoya Asano had the opportunity to tell us a few Background, From Time Of the game until the period Exit.

What motivated you to work with Action RPG?
We noticed how the writing of our stories was moving towards mature places, and we realized that the Action RPG type was perfect for representing them better..

If I want to finish the game, follow all the branches of the plot, how much time do I have?
We want the game to have more than one result. In terms of duration we aim for 50 hours, but it is not easy.

We saw a lot of characters during the demo. We will find out in the final product how many of them were designed by Navogi Ikushima?
The characters are many and the tasks are divided between all the members of the team. However, by design master Ikushima.

During the demo, the players faced a difficult decision: defend Roland or hand him over to the enemy. What did you choose from the development team?
We constantly test the choices of developers and users. In this case 58% defended it, 8% gave it and 29% tried to follow both ways.

Do you already know how long to wait to see the triangular strategy on the shelves?
We do not have a release window yet and hope it comes out soon.