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The Pixel 6 is said to be the first smartphone with Google's own White Chapel processor

The Pixel 6 is said to be the first smartphone with Google’s own White Chapel processor

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Google will be looking at Apple with its pixel smartphones in the future: instead of relying on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon SoCs in the past, the manufacturer is said to be using “Google silicon” chips for the Pixel 6 and other models.

Awesome Has been working for many years Google is developing its own processors. After custom chips for servers, security and Bildoptimiurang The manufacturer is said to have completed the first native processors for smartphones and Chromebooks this year. 9to5 Google and XDA Developers Google’s own GS101 SoC codenamed “White Chapel” will be installed on the Pixel 6. The company pursues a similar vertical integration Apple With its products.

GS101: Google develops the White Chapel chip with Samsung

How 9to5 Google According to internal Google documentation, Google works on two smartphones that must be compatible with the hand-based GS101. These are probably heirs Pixel 5 (experimental) And 4A 5G.

9to5 The Google viewing document contains the code name references “slider”, which I deal with on a generic site based on new products. Domestically, Google calls the self-generated chip “GS101”, which means “GS” stands for “Google Silicon”.

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According to the report, Google has not fully developed its first chip. The processor will be developed in conjunction with Samsung Semiconductor’s System Large Scale Integration (SLSI) division – the semiconductor division of the South Korean technology company. This means that Google chips may contain 9to5 Google speculations, including software components with Samsung’s Exynos SoC.

Coincidentally, this is not the first time a collaboration between Google and Samsung has been announced. Written by Ina Fried in early April 2020 Axios Both work on a five nanometer chip, the code-named White Chapel. According to Axios, the processor is designed not only for smartphones but also for Chromebooks.

Meanwhile, Exta developers want to know more about SoC (system-on-a-chip): GS101 chips are said to have a three-cluster system with a TPU (Tensor-processing-unit) For machine learning applications. For comparison: Qualcomm Top-chip Snapdragon 888 And Samsung’s Exynos 2100 Rely on the Arms Cortex-X1, Cortex-A78 and Cortex-A55 cores as a triple-cluster CPU system. In addition, Google’s first SoC may have an integrated security chip, similar to the Titan M. Pixel 3 (Test) Has been used.

Google’s upcoming Pixel smartphones will be thanks to the White Chapel chip

By switching to its own chip, Google can successfully follow Apple’s recipe: iPhones, iPods and Macs are based on hardware and software that are fully developed at home, so they integrate seamlessly with each other. As a result, the manufacturer achieves better performance, battery life and longer software updates.

Especially the latter one “Frustrated vulnerability” At Android Cosmos, as Android boss Hiroshi Lockheimer admitted years ago. Manufacturers can only provide major OS updates as long as chip developers – mostly Qualcomm and MediaTek – provide support. So far, after a maximum of three years, Google and Qualcomm have announced new ones by the end of 2020. Processors also offer four years of OS support. With Google’s own chips, the update period and the lifespan of Android smartphones can be extended. Google’s pixel phones may reach the lifespan of iPhones, which usually receive iOS updates for five years.

Want to see how good Google’s first generation chips are. Although the company has been making its own chips for years, Google has not yet landed on SoCs for smartphones. With the capabilities of Samsung’s semiconductor division, “White Chapel” should be a step in an exciting direction for Google and Android.

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