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The Pays du Neubourg community of municipalities wants the panel pocket

The Pays du Neubourg community of municipalities wants the panel pocket

Mathilde Dorchies, Jean-Paul Legendre and Martine Saint-Laurent have installed Panel Pocket on their cell phones. (© Le Courrier de l’Eure / TG)

“We have unbelievably tested many organizations. President Jean-Paul Legendre officially announced the subscription of the Pays du Neubourg community of municipalities to the Panel Pocket. Dorchies explained the process.

“This tool allows people to be alert immediately to emerging events, for example floods or heat waves.”

Martin Saint-Laurent Mayor of Houetteville and vice president of the Pays du Neubourg community of municipalities

The subscription to the app, which was intelligently launched on September 1, will continue to help spread the word about brief information, events, and “activities we want to start”, continues Jean-Paul Legendre. “This tool allows people to immediately alert themselves to exposure to, for example, floods or heat waves,” explains Martin Saint-Laurent.

Municipalities show the way

The comcom chairman agrees, “most municipalities in the area have shown the way because they are in the panel pocket.” And it inspired the mayors of Ivy and Houtville! “Then, every municipality has its own communication policy,” Jean-Paul Legendre recalled.

In the process, the inter-community committee decided to “take responsibility for all subscriptions” for those in the 41 municipalities who wish to apply. “We will refund municipalities that have already paid their subscription from September 1st,” says Martin Saint-Laurent, noting that this is not a setback. Even today, there are ten municipalities that do not have a pocket panel.

“Download a phone and app for you.”

Jean-Paul Legendre Iville Mayor and Chairman of the Community of Community of Pays du Neubourg

For people, the application is completely free. “You need a phone and download the app,” Jean-Paul Legendre recalled. The registration is anonymous, without creating an account, the pocket panel does not collect any data, you can set notifications and read information on the computer or tablet.

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“So far we have 162 favorites. The communication campaign is in the process of being set up, ”insists Mathilde Dorchis, for whom this application is a complement to the community website.


In his move, the president also chose “temperance”. He did not want to overwhelm the residents with announcements. “We communicate only because we have something to say,” Jean-Paul Legendre notes. Like the announcement of digital workshops.

Martin Saint-Laurent took the opportunity to say: “These workshops are not just about using computers, but using all digital tools. Helene Somont can help you download the panel pocket and use the app! “

For any information, contact Mathilde Dorchies: [email protected] Phone. : 02 32 34 04 41.

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