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kickstarter skyclimbers

The Nintendo Switch version is coming in 2022

The new game Skylimbers was launched this month via Kickstarter, which is inspired by RTS games such as Breathe of the Wild, Minecraft, Pokemon and Northcard. SkyClimbers says the developers are very close to Walheim.

The game was so popular that, as of today, the Kickstarter program has already garnered over 000 170,000 for 4000 supporters – there are still 16 days left! About 20,000 was required. The open-world roll-flaming game created in practice allows you to decorate your kingdom according to your ideas and subdue the creatures that live in it, you can create your own.

Global distribution is expected to take place in November 2021, as the SkyClimbers campaign has already reached the required donation target. To learn more about the SkyClimbers Action RPG program, check out the trailer below.

As you can see, both science fiction and fictional elements are built into the game.

“Build your kingdom, choose your class, and control the monsters in this city-building / open-world action RPG, which takes place in a practically-created anime-themed metawares. “

“All three starter comrades have unique skill trees, so you can mix and match your class based on your comrade. Emergency game modes can be used in battle, opponents can fire grass, attract lightning or use a rock to your advantage.”

“Initially, we plan to have a co-op function so you can share your world with other players and play with or without the survival / basic building game ring. Continue your role no matter what you do, and take your classmate or classmate to co-op contests, PVP or multiplayer ranking contests. ”

Official SkyClimbers Kickstarter site

Originally, Skylimbers was only planned for PC, but it will also appear for consoles in 2022, including the Nintendo Switch. According to official questions, the game was developed from the ground up for mobile platforms.

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For a full list of all available extras for sponsors, see Extended Goals and Technical Requirements for Action RPG Game Official Skylimbers Meeting Funding Campaign Page.