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The Nintendo Switch update adds automatically stored data downloads and more

The Nintendo Switch update adds automatically stored data downloads and more

Nintendo has released a new system update for the Nintendo Switch hybrid console, bringing the computer version to 11.0. It’s been almost eight months since the last major update, and it’s adding a new line of features to the system.

First, there is the new Nintendo Switch online application listed in the bottom row of your game list. It allows users to access information about their switch online membership, including how long it has been active, access to exclusive content for members, and information about games that use its features such as online play or data cloud storage.

Speaking of which, another big change here is that saving data from the cloud can now be configured to download automatically. This makes it possible for your progress to be synchronized across multiple switches if you use them. This feature should be stored in Settings -> Data Management -> Data Cloud.

Now that you have the option to transfer images and videos from your console to your PC or smart device, that’s not all. Until now, this could only be done by storing content on a microSD card, taking it out of the console, or inserting it into another device. Now you can transfer files wirelessly to smartphone or to PC via USB cable. Smartphone transfers are limited to 10 screen shots and one video at a time, but there are no limits to PC transfers. You can follow These steps to transfer data to your phone wirelessly, Or These steps to convert them to PC (Or phone that supports MTP).

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Nintendo has also added the ability to prioritize software downloads, so whenever you download multiple games or updates, you can choose which one to go first.

Finally, Switzerland’s user section has a new “Trend with Friends” category to see which games are the most popular among users on your friends list. There are new user icons themes after the 35th anniversary Super Mario Brothers. The update is now available for download and should be installed automatically if you do not do it yourself.