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The Nintendo Switch Collection is available today with the first release trailer -

The Nintendo Switch Collection is available today with the first release trailer –

Ori: Gallery, A collection of two titles created by Moon Studios Available from today Nintendo Switch, Confirmed by Trailer The start you see above.

The collection, born out of a collaboration between IM8bit, Moon Studios and Xbox Game Studios, is distributed internationally by Skybound Games, hence the choice of Ori and Blind Forest (review here) and its sequel Ori and Wilps (review here).

“Ori: Collection Ori and Blind Forest: Definitive Edition and award-winning soundtracks with Ori and Wills of the Whispers and six collectible art cards on the same cartridge available for the Nintendo Switch,” the statement said.

“At popular request, iam8bit has reprinted the Ori Collector’s version separately, which includes the physical versions of Ori and Blind Forest: the limited edition and the Whispers bow for the Ori and Nintendo Switches, as well as a majestic work of art in stained glass style with several collections.”

Ori and Whispers of the Whispers, the protagonist in an exciting situation

“Ori Collector’s Edition is one of the collector’s most coveted editions by 2020, and will be available exclusively “

The Ori license was first launched in March 2015 at the release of Ori and the Blind Forest. The title has received more than 50 awards and nominations, from the Cam Awards to the Best Art Direction, the BAFTA Games Award for Art Achievement, the DICE Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Original Composition, Art Direction and Animation.

Ori and The Whispers of Whispers launched in March 2020 with the Xbox Game Pass, and were nominated for 2021 Game Developer Choice Awards, BAFTA Game Awards, Dice Awards, SXSW Gaming Awards and many more. Golden Joystick Award.