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The next game in the team's recent history will be very ambitious -

The next game in the team’s recent history will be very ambitious –

Codemasters He is working on his new job Three games a, As reported in some job advertisements of the British team, is quite the title Ambitious, The most important ones seen in the team’s recent history of more than a decade.

This is the first game created by the label since it was fully acquired by EA, yet to be announced, so we can expect Big budget Behind the project in question.

F1 2021, A view from the game

According to job announcements, this is what the most ambitious AAA game codemasters have done for over a decade, no less.

“Under the guidance of the Director of Development and with the support of the production team, you must assist in managing the production of the studio’s next major project.” Development Manager, “A game that promises to be the biggest and most ambitious codemasters ever made in a decade!”

This problem is further confirmed by the job announcement for a senior manager for engineering: “This team has been difficult since supporting Tier 5, it started with a lot of content, and when this part of the work is completed, we are already in full planning for the next Triple A project”.

In short, it seems to be there Something big Cooking at Codemasters, now an internal electronic art group. Considering its new position, it will continue to build racing games and another chapter in its history series (probably bigger and richer), but we are waiting for any information.

After the acquisition of Codemasters by Electronic Arts, the British label racing games became part of the EA Playlist, resulting in the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

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